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Opinion: Five Non-Postseason Players Helped by the Offseason

There have been a flurry of offseason moves so far, with big-name players and high draft picks changing places. T-Wolves Gaming shook up the entry draft with a big trade. Pacers Gaming acquired an MVP candidate. Blazer5 made a contender-type […]

NBA 2K League Trade Grades

Three major NBA 2K League trades went down this past week. Let’s examine each from the perspective of both teams, and hand out grades for all of them. No one will ever get an A+ from me. The standard for […]

NBA 2K League Mock Expansion Draft

This mock draft will inevitably offend someone. Guess what? That doesn’t have to be you. I’m not drafting for any of the NBA 2K League’s four expansion teams, and their opinions are the ones that truly count. Furthermore, it’s important […]

Nets Dive Into NBA 2K League, Living Up to “We Go Hard” Motto

The Brooklyn Nets have begun to distinguish themselves from the other 2019 NBA 2K League expansion teams. The Nets will pick second in the first-ever NBA 2K League expansion draft, scheduled for September 24, behind the Atlanta Hawks (to be […]

Scouting Session: SelfTaught vs. Throwdown (11/9/2018)

I scouted a Throwdown compilation vs. SelfTaught at the end of the 2k18 cycle, but the two teams matched up on the new NBA 2K19. With a lot of big names, both league-established and league-hopeful, I wanted to scout the […]

It’s Showtime: Why LD2K is a Perfect Fit for the Lakers Esports Job

If Lakers Gaming is looking to turn their NBA 2K League team into the video-game version of Showtime, they’ve got the perfect candidate sitting in their backyard. When the NBA 2K League announced that the Los Angeles Lakers, along with […]

How to Draft an NBA 2K League Expansion Team

Four NBA franchises—the Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Brooklyn Nets, and Atlanta Hawks—joined the NBA 2K League as expansion teams for the 2019 season. League Managing Director (essentially commissioner) Brendan Donohue has confirmed that there will in fact be an […]