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NBA 2K League Review: Season 1, week eight, a new patch and suddenly it’s a wide open ballgame

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard that there was a new patch introduced to the NBA 2K League before week eight. With it came both a threat to the status quo and a welcome-back […]

NBA 2K League Preview: Season 1, week eight, questions about the new patch and the two best matchups of the week

There’s a new patch in town, and it threatens to upset the balance of everything in the NBA 2K League. That’s a little over-dramatic, but the real truth is we have no idea what’s going to happen now that widespread […]

NBA 2K League Review: Season 1, week seven, some teams are back in it and some teams are way out

Finally, we have a bit of clarity in the NBA 2K League. While the last few weeks have done little but make things murky, week seven did us all a favor and made things just a bit more clear regarding […]

NBA 2K League Preview: Season 1, week seven, the four most important matchups of the week

Week seven of the NBA 2K League is upon us, and boy is it an important one for some of the teams that want to be playing meaningful games in August. As we march on through the regular season and […]

NBA 2K League Review, Season 1, week six, stinging losses and thrilling victories

Week six has come and gone, and boy was it an exciting one. There were more than a few blowouts, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of close games. Here are four takeaways from another great week of NBA […]

NBA 2K League Review: Season 1, week five, everything is wide open

We’re back into the regular season. But even though we’re a week closer to the playoffs, things haven’t really cleared up. In fact, there are probably more questions than there were heading into THE TURN. Here are some key takeaways […]

NBA 2K League Preview: Season 1, week five, four questions as the league resumes regular season play

After a wild tournament at THE TURN, it’s time to get back to the regular season of the NBA 2K League. There are some heavyweight bouts with a solid undercard in week five, which makes for an always interesting set […]