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NAPX Top 50 European Players to Watch List

Here are the top 50 players to watch in Europe, brought to you by the NAPX international scouting team. 1. @MGoCrzy Twitch: Position: PG Main Archetype: 6 ft 4 Sharpshooting Playmaker Ranking: #1 PG in Europe Location: Koln, Germany […]

Scouting Session: SelfTaught vs. Throwdown (11/9/2018)

I scouted a Throwdown compilation vs. SelfTaught at the end of the 2k18 cycle, but the two teams matched up on the new NBA 2K19. With a lot of big names, both league-established and league-hopeful, I wanted to scout the […]

Scouting Session: MCPA 2K League XB1 Finals (08/27/18)

I tuned into the MCPA 2K League’s Xbox One best-of-five finals to get a sense of the league, as well as do some scouting on the players (and coach) of the Energy and the Surge. Standard scouting caveat: in-game scouting […]

NAPX Top Prospects List: Puerto Rico

The NBA 2K League featured one Puerto Rican player, JomarPR_12, who was the sixth-round pick of first-seeded Blazer5 Gaming. Here are the top 15 Puerto Rican prospects from the National Pro-Am Exposure (NAPX) tournament, as evaluated by NAPX scouts (written […]

Scouting Session: Pro-Am (20/08/18)

Here’s how I’m going to do scouting sessions, at least until after NBA 2k19 comes out: I’m going to solicit Twitch links on Twitter (@AJ113_OS) and find them through the site itself, and just sort of go in and out, […]

Scouting SelfTaught2k vs. Throwdown (NAPX Round 1)

A very interesting, late-2k18 cycle matchup between Pro-Am teams SelfTaught (ST) and Throwdown (TD) in a best-of-five series. Throwdown, composed of mostly league players and coaches, lost the first game before jumping out to a remarkable 25-0 lead in game […]