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The Interview, With Mavs Gaming’s Devillon

We at DIMER coerced Devillon, who played in the NBA 2K League’s inaugural season with Mavs Gaming, to sit down and tell us a few things about his season one experience. He dishes on the overall experience, travel problems, exciting […]

He the North: Yusuf Abdulla’s Journey to the NBA 2K League

“I kneeled down and I thanked god and I couldn’t stop asking the NBA representative if this was real.”

From making Pro-Am videos in his spare time to coaching in the NBA 2K League, Ricco Phinisee wants to build a dynasty

Picture via CLTX Gaming Twitter It’s the morning of Wednesday, April 4th, 2018. In just a few hours, history will be made as 102 players will be selected in the inaugural NBA 2K League draft, becoming part of a first […]

NBA 2K League Draft Profiles: Mitchell “Mootyy” Franklin

Name: Mitchell Franklin Gamertag/PSN: Mootyy_ Twitter: @Mootyy2K Age: 24 Hometown: Yorktown, VA Position/archetype: Power Forward/Rebounding Athletic Finisher Combine statistics: 43W-11L, 29.1 PPG, 13.6 RPG, 4.9 APG, 69 FG%, 44 3FG%, 91 FT% They call him “Big Shot Moot.” After a […]

NBA 2K League Draft Profiles: Christopher “Detoxys” Doyle

Name: Christopher Doyle Gamertag/PSN: Detoxys Twitter: @DetoxysGT Age: 22 Hometown: Hampton Falls, NH Position/archetype: Power Forward/Rebounding Athletic Finisher Combine statistics: 30W-15L, 20.2 PPG, 12.5 RPG, 7.8 APG, 70 FG%, 0 3FG%, 91 FT% After an injury playing high school basketball cut his […]

NBA 2K League Draft Profile: Jacob “Procis1on” Walls

Name: Jacob Walls Gamertag/PSN: Procis1on Twitter: @Procis1on Age: 25 Hometown: Chicago, IL Position/archetype: Shooting Guard/Pure Sharpshooter Combine statistics: 29W-11L, 25 PPG, 1.5 RPG, 5.6 APG, 62 FG%, 56 3FG%, 92 FT% Jacob “Procis1on” Walls is as competitive a prospect as you’ll get […]

Jamie Diaz Ruiz: his casting journey, the importance of commentating in esports and the quest to work for the NBA 2K League

They come fast and furious. An unrelenting, unstoppable avalanche of words, almost a verbal assault, coming together to form a frantic waltz of tension and climax. The action comes a mile a minute, but it’s never enough to slow down […]