Keeping track of all the news and announcement about protection and retention of NBA 2K League players. Each team protects two players before the expansion draft, and can retain up to two more following it.

Player Retentions

Confirmed: 76ers GC will retain Newdini and ZDS, at the cost of a 2nd and 3rd round pick, league sources tell DIMER. After making the semifinals, the team lost defensive stopper Feast to T-Wolves Gaming in the expansion draft.

ZDS told DIMER: “I felt as if I already knew it was coming. We have to finish what we started.”

Newdini added: “It’s great to go back and finish what we meant to do in season 1, win the championship.”

Confirmed: Sharpshooter Yeynotgaming will return to champions Knicks Gaming for season two, the team announced. The move, Knicks Gaming’s second retention, will cost the team a second-round pick.

Yey said: “I’m just happy to be back with most of the guys from last year and I’m ready to pick up where we left off.”

LetsBallUp, the Knicks’ head coach, told DIMER: “Myself and the rest of the Knicks Gaming organization are thrilled to have Yey back. He is someone who didn’t get nearly enough credit for what he brought to this team last season. He’s an irreplaceable leader for our team that helped keep everything together when things got tough and made numerous big plays in clutch moments. We can’t wait to get started for season two with four of our starters back to defend our championship.”

Confirmed: Celtics Crossover Gaming announced that it has retained Profusion for the 2019 NBA 2K League season at the cost of a third-round pick.

CLTX Gaming Team Operations Manager Michael Wan told DIMER: “We’re ecstatic to have Alex, aka ProFusion, back for year 2. In year 1, he proved to be a consummate professional and delivered time and again on the court. We’re very proud of the growth he’s exhibited thus far and look forward to continuing to grow together towards our ultimate goal of raising our first 2KL Banner.”

Confirmed: Blazer5 Gaming announces that it has retained LavishPhenom for the 2019 season. The move will cost the team a third-round pick.

Confirmed: Cavs Legion GC announced that it has retained Goddof2k at the cost of a second-round pick.

Confirmed: Pistons sixth-round pick JosephTheTruth has been retained at the cost of a second round pick.

Confirmed: Knicks Gaming will retain IdrisDaGoat at the cost of a third-round pick.

Confirmed: Heat Check Gaming will retain third-round pick 24K Dropoff, in a move that surprises no one, at the cost of a 2nd round pick in the 2019 NBA 2K League entry draft.

Here’s the full chart of player protections, made by our friends at 2k Analytics.


Confirmed: As first reported by DIMER, Magic Gaming will protect versatile second-round pick UCManny as well as sixth-round pick KingCamRoyalty, whose insertion into the lineup early in the season turned around the Magic’s fortunes.

Confirmed: As first reported by DIMER, Pistons GT will protect MVP candidate and first-round pick Lets Get It Ramo, one of the best big men in the league, and second-round pick Insanity, who led the second half of the Pistons’ balanced offensive attack.

Confirmed: As first reported by DIMER, 76ers GC will protect point-guard maven Radiant and pick-and-roll partner Steez, the team announced.

Confirmed: Cavs Legion GC announces that it will protect Hood, one of the league’s best scorers, and second-round pick Sick, a versatile 1-5 player.

“We are extremely excited to protect Hood and Sick, two top-tier players who we believe are among the best in the league at their positions,” said Anthony Muraco, Cavs Legion GC’s GM. “Their ability to work together and complement each other in all aspects of the game was key for our team’s success this past season. We look forward to welcoming back Hood and Sick for Season 2 and getting back to the grind as we work towards our ultimate goal of winning the NBA 2K League Championship.”

Confirmed: Celtics Crossover Gaming announced that it will protect star point guard Fab and versatile forward Mel East.

Coach Ricco Phinisee told DIMER:

“I’m beyond excited to protect Fab who’s arguably the best PG in the league, who has a brilliant 2K mind and whose leadership is No. 1. We also protect, Mel who’s one of the best versatile players, who brings that passion, heart and insane work ethic for our franchise. #TheCelticsWayorNoWay ☘️”

Confirmed: Bucks Gaming announced that they will retain first-round pick Game6Drake and versatile, top-notch personality BigMeek.

Confirmed: Kings Guard Gaming will protect second-round pick Worthingcolt, who transitioned to point guard late in the season, as well as third-round pick Timelycook, a defensive player of the year candidate.

Confirmed: Warriors Gaming Squad will protect defensive player of the year candidate Type and second-round pick BSmoove.

Warriors Gaming Squad GM Rustin Lee said: “We feel Type can develop into the top C in the League. Everyone knows about his defense, but not many know about his offense since he played mostly stretch 4 for us. BSmoove is the most versatile wing in the league who can shoot and score, be a secondary ball-handler and provide great on ball defense with any build. Both guys give us versatility as well as high character.”

Confirmed: Heat Check Gaming will protect MVP candidate Hotshot and second-round pick Majestic.

Heat GM/Coach YouFamousEnough said: “This decision isn’t as obvious as most would think. Heat Check Gaming was composed of a bunch of high IQ guys. Hotshot and MaJes7ic is just the starting blocks for us.”

Sources: Magic Gaming will protect second-round pick UCManny and sixth-round pick KingCamRoyalty, who rejuvenated the team after being inserted into the lineup early in the season.

Confirmed: Utah Jazz Gaming announced that it has protected first-round pick Compete and versatile third-round pick OGDeedz.

Sources: 76ers GC will protect first-round pick Radiant, one of the league’s best point guards, and pick-and-roll partner pick Steez. Announcement has yet to be made.

Sources: PistonsGT will protect first-round pick and MVP nominee LetsGetItRamo as well as second-round pick Insanity.

Confirmed: League champion Knicks Gaming announced that it will protect point guard iamadamthe1st and first-round pick Goofy, the league’s most lethal pick-and-roll combo, meaning that Finals MVP NateKahl will almost certainly find a new home in the expansion draft.

“Ticket” tournament MVP iamadamthe1st said: “I am honored and proud to be blessed with the opportunity to make this organization, and all of our amazing fans proud once more. There is no city or team, that brings me as much happiness as New York City and Knicks Gaming. The motto still stands — One Team. One Dream. One Goal. Thank you.”

Confirmed: In a totally unsurprising move, Blazer5 Gaming announced that they have protected first-round pick, league MVP and DPOY OneWildWalnut, as well as pick-and-roll partner, and “Turn” MVP MamaImDatMan.

Confirmed: Mavs Gaming announced that it will protect first-overall pick Dimez, who played point guard and the shot-creating slasher most of the season, and second-round pick Dayfri, a Texas native who spent most of the year as Dimez’ pick-and-roll partner.

Confirmed: Pacers Gaming announced that it would retain first-round pick WoLF, who rejuvenated the team’s season after a move to point guard, and Swizurk, one of the league’s premier shooting guards.

The Pacers’ Director of Esports Operations, and Pacers Gaming’s GM/Coach, Cody Parrent said: “We are thrilled to have Bryant and Nick back in Indy for Season 2 of the NBA2KLeague. This gives us a strong core of two elite level players and great guys we will look to continue to build around this off season. Go Pacers!”

Confirmed: Raptors Uprising GC announced that it would retain first-round pick Kenny, who played small forward for the majority of the season, and AllHailTrey, who emerged as a key defensive stopper and stretch big during the season.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment director of esports Shane Talbot said: “[Kenny and Trey are] two totally different players with the same ability to perform at their best under pressure; I can’t wait to see them both in season 2.”

Confirmed: Wizards District Gaming announced that it would retain first-round pick DemonJT, who spent the majority of the season at point guard, and second-round pick BooPainter, an MVP candidate who led the league in scoring.

Wizards DG team leader Grant Paranjape, the Director of esports for Monumental Sports and Entertainment (which owns the Wizards, Mystics, District Gaming, and more), said:

“We’re extremely excited to be able to retain both JT and Boo. From incredible on court leadership to award winning plays, we’re confident they will provide a solid foundation to build around for year 2.”


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