It’s that time again.

We’re back with more NBA 2K League GIFs, covering weeks six and seven, and boy were there some good ones.

As always, you can download these GIFs straight from this page. They’ve been sized so that you can also post them to Twitter from your phone.

The first one comes from week six when Jazz Gaming’s MrSlaughter01 quieted down CLTX Gaming in their matchup.


Next we have GIF star Dayfri, who declared the entire Pistons GT team to be baited in week six.


And Dayfri again, who was a bit surprised after a long iiNsaniTTy three rattled in.


Starting off week seven is DDouble, who was a bit confused at some of the maneuvers he saw in Grizz Gaming’s win over Knicks Gaming.


And finally, it’s Majes7ic, who had to make sure his trash talking was accurate by checking the box score before talking to Jazz Gaming.





Posted by Will Beverina