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Everything You Need to Know about the four NBA 2K League Expansion Teams

The NBA 2K League announced that four NBA franchises would join the NBA 2K League for the 2019 season as expansion teams. Those franchises are the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Minnesota Timberwolves. Here’s everything we know […]

Two Jobs Available for Hawks Talon GC

The Atlanta Hawks, one of four NBA franchises to join the NBA 2K League as expansion teams for the 2019 season, have listed two job openings: essentially, GM and Coach. Samir Mayur, who previously worked for the Houston Astros, will […]

Hawks Talon GC: Atlanta Names NBA 2K League Expansion Team

The Atlanta Hawks have revealed that their NBA 2K League team will be called Hawks Talon GC. The team is perhaps hoping to capitalize on the nominative luck of the current 17 teams in the league. The three “GC” teams […]