The 7th Man Podcast: Episode 1

We started a podcast! And by “we” I mean myself and my friend Josiah Cohen of Operation Sports and TSN Canada. In our very first episode we talked about week five and week six, plus a few other random things. […]

NBA 2K League Review: Season 1, week five, everything is wide open

We’re back into the regular season. But even though we’re a week closer to the playoffs, things haven’t really cleared up. In fact, there are probably more questions than there were heading into THE TURN. Here are some key takeaways […]

This Week in NBA 2K League GIFS: Week 5

More NBA 2K League action, more GIFs. You get the idea. But this week, all GIFs have been optimized to be posted to Twitter from your phone. Simply download them from this page and post away. If you would like […]

NBA 2K League Preview: Season 1, week five, four questions as the league resumes regular season play

After a wild tournament at THE TURN, it’s time to get back to the regular season of the NBA 2K League. There are some heavyweight bouts with a solid undercard in week five, which makes for an always interesting set […]

This Week in GIFs: Week 4 and THE TURN

It’s that time again. Two weeks of the NBA 2K League have passed since GIFs were last posted and that means there are two weeks worth of NBA 2K League GIFs to give to you. To make up for the […]

NBA 2K League Review: Season 1, THE TURN, a wild tournament ends with a predictable finish

Welcome back to the DIMER Review! You may have noticed that there was little content last week, including a lack of week four review or THE TURN preview. I was a little busier than usual last week due to various […]

NBA 2K League Review: Season 1, week three, upsets throw everything into disarray

Week three was the craziest of the NBA 2K League’s young history. There were upsets, comebacks and plenty of surprises that proved the narrative can wildly shift with every new week. That of course means we have to talk about […]