Jazz Gaming, which holds the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA 2K League entry draft, posted an opening for a head coach.

The team protected Compete and Deedz from the expansion draft, and none of their players were selected in the expansion draft.

Apply Via TeamWorkOnline:

Period of Employment: March 1, 2019 – August 31, 2019
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Reporting To: Director of Business and Player OperationsJob Summary:
The Jazz Gaming Head Coach is responsible for the overall coaching duties as well as other operational and logistical duties for Jazz Gaming, a member of the NBA 2K League. The role will lead and provide day-to-day NBA 2K coaching for both practice sessions and NBA 2K games/tournaments, as well as provide game preparation, mentoring and leadership to the Jazz Gaming team of six (6) players.


  • Provide input and analysis to the Director of Business and Player Operations on player personnel matters. It is the role of the Director of Business and Player Operations to make final decisions regarding all player personnel matters.
  • In addition to a working knowledge of the NBA 2K game and basketball, in general, the ideal candidate should display strong communication, motivational, and organizational skills. Team-building abilities and working within in a collaborative environment are essential.
  • Committed to helping each player on the roster, both on the floor and off. This includes providing in-the-moment feedback on gameplay, one-on-one sessions with each player, and any off-the-court support that may be deemed necessary for the overall success of the individual player and the Jazz Gaming team.
  • Responsible for establishing and instituting the “Jazz Gaming culture” with regard to player guidelines, expectations and behavior.
  • Required to travel with the team to New York City, NY (or other NBA 2K League-designated game sites) for weekly matches/tournaments as both a coach and as the logistical handler for the Jazz Gaming team.
  • Responsible for all game strategies, including the development of weekly game plans and practice schedules, designing offensive and defensive plays and schemes to be executed during both practice sessions and games, reviewing game film, reviewing archetype patches and balances, and making player position assignments and adjustments.
  • Responsible for overall Jazz Gaming player management during the NBA 2K season, including scheduling and coordinating practice sessions and team meetings, booking travel and accommodations, and overseeing player housing guidelines and cleanliness. Also, duties include collaborating with Jazz Gaming business operations regarding player appearances, community events, sponsor fulfillment needs and social media participation.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Be a student, be a teacher, be a leader.
  • Be a good teammate, contribute positively to a winning culture, and be respectful.
  • Demonstrate world-class customer service and if you don’t directly interact with the customer, support those that do.
  • Protect the legal, financial, and moral well being of the company.
  • Exemplify the Larry H. Miller Group of Company values.
Minimum Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management, Sports Coaching Education, Business or related field or equivalent 5+ years in related esports field.
  • Experience in coaching or related field with emphasis in teambuilding and providing corrective feedback/correction.
  • In-depth knowledge and fluency in the NBA 2K game and NBA 2K community.
  • Experience in establishing goals, ensuring performance accountability, and leading and inspiring a team in a collaborative and pressurized setting.
Physical Requirements:
  • This person much be able to communicate and express themselves both written and verbally.

  • This person much be able to observe, inspect, estimate and assess.

  • This person must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time.

  • This person must be able to lift 20 pounds.


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