There’s a new patch in town, and it threatens to upset the balance of everything in the NBA 2K League.

That’s a little over-dramatic, but the real truth is we have no idea what’s going to happen now that widespread changes have been made to every single archetype in the league. Some fear it will bring the return of the 5-Out, while others rejoice in the potential death of the Pure Rim Protector build.

What is actually going to happen? Well, why don’t we speculate about that and other things with three questions of week eight and take a look at the two best matchups of the week.

1. What effects will this patch bring to the meta?

This isn’t necessarily a question restricted to week eight, because it’s likely going to take weeks for a new meta to be established, just like it took weeks for the current one.

Not every change was made available to the public, but the league did publish what it deemed to be the most noteworthy changes on its website, including a nerf to Pure Rim Protectors and an overall buff to shooting, among other things. The overall idea of the new patch is to make more archetypes “viable” and give the league a greater variety in the archetypes used on the floor each game. We’ll have to see whether the league accomplished that goal or if teams will find another six to eight archetypes that will be heavily used like before.

2. What effects will this patch have on the standings?

Another question unrestricted to week eight. Also the greatest fear of this new patch.

While it’s true to an extent that the best players should be able to play at a high level and adjust no matter the meta, it wouldn’t be too great for the league if good teams suddenly fell off hard with this new patch in effect.

The teams at the top have a cushion in which to figure out how this new patch works and make all of their adjustments before the playoffs. But this patch could potentially be the doom of some of the league’s playoff bubble teams if they can’t hang around in the new meta.

One thing is for certain: whatever course the league was on before this patch, it has undoubtedly been altered with these new changes.

3. How will the final seeding for THE TICKET take shape?

THE TICKET comes right after week eight, which the winner of gets an automatic berth into the playoffs. It could be a lifeline for a team that has been down on its luck to this point.

The seeding for THE TICKET is based on records of teams from weeks five through eight. As it stands, Pacers Gaming, Raptors Uprising and Grizz Gaming are all teams outside of playoff positions that sit in the top eight of the standings since week five, which could mean an easier path for them and an increased chance at a TICKET win. This week could be an important one for these teams if they want to sneak into the playoffs even without making it in due to regular season success.

Best matchups of the week

1. Blazer5 Gaming vs. Cavs Legion

This is the true heavyweight fight of week eight. Blazer5 took their first stumble last week at the hands of CLTX Gaming while Cavs Legion looks strong after the return of Hood to the lineup.

The Cavs’ first-round pick’s move to power forward has proved to be a good one. We could see him make another position switch with the new patch, but the firepower of Hood combined with Sick x 973 is enough to give Blazer5 some problems.

If Cavs Legion pulls this one out, they’ll prove that they truly belong in the talks for title contenders. Even if they don’t, they’re positioned to be in the mix come playoff time.

For Blazer5, it would be a huge win to gain momentum and confidence back while putting the league on notice that they’re still the top dogs. Expect both sides to bring 100% effort.

2. CLTX Gaming vs. Heat Check Gaming

Now one of two teams to ever beat Blazer5 Gaming, CLTX Gaming looks confident and ready to leave their playoff status in little doubt.

Standing in their way will be Heat Check Gaming, a team that just demolished a good Jazz Gaming squad and should be confident in its own right.

This game is slightly more important for Heat Check due to their status as a .500 team fighting for a playoff spot. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if they dropped this one, but boy does 5-4 look a lot better than 4-5 heading into THE TICKET.





Posted by Will Beverina