Month: February 2018

NBA 2K League announces post-combine process and draft pool size

The NBA 2K League announced its plans to narrow down combine participants into the draft pool via Twitter and its website on Thursday afternoon. The league will contact 250 players for interviews in late February and March and then narrow […]

A simple solution to the combine’s dashboarding problem

A late-developing issue of the NBA 2K League combine has been players attempting to circumvent their bad stats by “dashboarding” out of games where they play poorly. The idea is simple: if you leave a combine game for any reason, […]

NBA 2K League reveals information on $1 million prize pool, salaries, benefits, and more

The NBA 2K League dropped some information on its website today regarding player salaries, benefits and additional opportunities for players on its website and Twitter this morning. Players drafted in the first round of the upcoming March draft will earn […]

The combine gets underway, with player reactions and experiences

February 2nd, 8 p.m. EST was a day and time circled on the calendar of anybody and everybody who wanted a shot at getting drafted in the first season of the NBA 2K League. With the start of the combine, […]